Pros: Anti-Gravity suspension? Bring it on. I was super excited about this backpack; I'd heard nothing but good things. What makes this pack truly unique is its gentle but firm waist belt, and the constant support from the non-stretch backpanel mesh. The waist belt is by far the most form-fitting and supportive that I have ever encountered. You can literally be wearing the pack with full weight, unclip the belt, and it's still just... hanging out... hugging your waist and supporting the weight of your backpack. This takes SO much of the pressure off of your shoulders, and because it's so padded, it's very comfortable on your hips. It is a spacious pack and there are plenty of compartments to keep you organized, both on the front and on the sides, with a removable top lid. Overall, it really is a comfortable backpack and offers great support and weight distribution through the constant contact of the hip belt.

Cons: Once the pack is on, it is fantastic...  but getting it on is a little trickier than most packs. That not-so-flexible, body-contouring waist belt (a.k.a. hip clamps) is a little difficult to open up enough to slide into. Combine that with the weight of your overnight gear, in addition to trying to put your arms through the shoulder straps, and it can be a bit of a pain and take some maneuvering. I'm curious if other AG owners would agree. I also think the hip pocket openings are a bit too small. I have a tough time getting things in and out of it, and I have pretty normal sized lady hands...

Final Thoughts: The frustration of getting the pack on is totally worth how comfortable the backpack is. I still give it two thumbs up. I'll be interested to see what, if any, improvements they make on this model over time.