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La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX Hiking Boots


I've worn these La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX hiking boots to DEATH, but they've taken me to some pretty spectacular places along the way.

Pros: When I tried them on, I texted @intothinair (who has the Men's version) and said "they feel like PILLOWS on my feet!" These boots are super lightweight, really comfortable and flexible. They are waterproof, yet breathable and they have pretty awesome traction - a must for me. The laces cinch up with ease, which makes getting theses babies on a piece of cake.

Cons: These boots are a bit TOO flexible at the base, and I find that I roll my ankle more often when wearing them - especially if I'm carrying any weight. I really have worn the crap out of these, but at the same time I don't feel like they are as sturdy or durable as they should be, and those easy cinch-up laces have already had to be replaced - which was a pain the butt... for @aarongerski.

Final Thoughts: I think La Sportiva is on the right track with this boot, but they need a little beefing up. 


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MSR Windboiler Stove System


The MSR Windboiler Stove System is rad, and it's red. I could leave it there, but I'll elaborate a bit. Unlike Jetboil you do need to light this stove yourself, so make sure you've got matches or a lighter with you - but I'm sure you do, since that's one of the 10 essentials.

Pros: It's lightweight and compact, it assembles easily and is fuel-efficient. Apparently it performs super well in cold and windy conditions, but I have yet to experience those types of conditions since owning it, so I'll have to take their word on it. The most important thing for me is that it's easy to use and that I haven't managed to injure myself while using it. It's fool(Holly)proof!

Cons: Unfortunately, when storing the stove (especially while backpacking) a small gas canister will not fit inside. The heating element is just too big to make room for it all, therefore making it the bulkier option when comparing it to the Jetboil. 





Nemo Equipment Dagger 2P


The Nemo Equipment Dagger 2P is my favorite 2 person tent, thus far. It's a spacious, 3-season ultralight backpacking tent - coming in at just under 3 1/2 lbs. 

Pros: Lightweight, mesh walls, noticeably roomy interior, easy to assemble and features two large vestibules when the rainfly is attached. The rope on the stakes is reflective too, so that means less tripping - which for me is always a plus. 

Cons: The plastic clips at the bottom of the tent where the poles and rainfly attach are my least favorite aspect, but by no means something that keeps it from being my go-to option. I have struggled to get the rainfly clipped and unclipped a few times, but usually just when my hands are cold.